Jeremiah Glazer is a Brooklyn-based music and video producer with over 10 years of experience.

  • Music Production
    Jeremiah has written, produced, and recorded hundreds of musical compositions, ranging from boombox cassette demos, to slick marketing campaigns, to top 40 style pop and dance tracks. Currently, he produces and DJs under the moniker Sun Ascendant.
  • Video Production
    Starting off as an editor, and then working at Etsy as their Video Production Manager, Jeremiah has directed, produced, shot, and edited  a wide range of videos, from doc-style shorts to commercial/branded content.
  • Post-Production
    With keen attention to detail, Jeremiah has also mixed and mastered numerous music projects, and color corrected many video projects, giving any song or video that essential finishing touch.
Had a lot of fun engineering, mixing, and mastering this DeJayé track, produced by the one and only Phantom
This is a music video for a track I produced, mixed, and mastered with singer/songwriter Brandi Thompson Ullian who wrote the song and sung on it. Featured on SLAY TV, the video was produced and directed by Abbe Ertel Magid and Sutton Bell of The Powersfeaturing DeJayé Joseph, styling by Savannah Wyatt, cinematography by Pedro Estevez, editing by Dylan Marko Bell, color by Shawn King, and shimmering letters by Melissa Deckert
This was a video I directed and edited for my dear friend Stolar (the video was shot by Jake Bugella of The Unpaid Interns). It was used on his website and social media channels to promote his new single "Paralyzed". I also edited a slight variation with VO for additional promotional purposes.
Shot and edited by Chk Chk Photo , this was a piece I wrote the music to and had a lot of fun working on. I went to down to West Palm Beach with Melissa Deckert to help make a mural for Elizabeth Ave. Station and the results speak for themselves.
I was the Supervising Producer for this spot and wrote the music cue as well. Helen Friel was the Paper Engineer, Trisha Zemp was the Photographer/Videographer, and Melissa Deckert was the Art Director. The VO recording and audio mix were both expertly handled by YouTooCanWoo. Now with almost 3 million views!
This is a behind-the-scenes video I directed, shot, and edited (additional footage was shot by Jen Hsieh). I also wrote the Christmas-y music bed. It was a real treat working with Helen and Trisha, both absolutely lovely and talented women.